Kenneth NG

I am a college student who is also a self-taught developer. I am a maintainer of react-bulma-components, a popular open source library. I have also contributed to numerous other open source libraries. I am working on various personal projects involving technologies like React, GraphQL, Golang, and of course Flutter.

Besides programming, I am also into photography. Occasionally when I am stuck on a problem, I will go out and have a camera shoot out. My pictures are posted on my Instagram. I am a  mechanical keyboard enthusiast as well, currently rocking a Leopold FC660M with lubed silent red switches.

David Tengeri

David is a software engineer interested in technologies that make application development fun. He works as a Flutter developer switching from React and React Native. He is the organizer of Flutter Szeged Meetup and teaches Flutter at the local university to build the future community.

He lives in Szeged, Hungary with his wife and loves to cook in his free time.