Imagine that you are living in the medieval ages and you are a princess/prince and you are in love. There is no Facebook, no internet and there is no electricity at all. How can you tell your feelings to your loved one? By sending a pigeon with your love letter.


This month our challenge is to learn some animation provided by the Flutter framework. For this, we prepared the components of a simple game that looks like this.


Here are the rules:

  • The game can be played by 2 person
  • The pigeon can be sent by tapping the screen.
    • There is a power meter that determines the power of your pigeon. 
    • The red bar in the power meter should go from left to right and right to left until the player touches the screen.
    • If the red bar stopped between the 90-90 area, your pigeon can deliver the letter to your loved one. Otherwise, the pigeon fails.
Power Meter
  • You'll need to animate the pigeon based on the power.
    • If it has got enough power it flies from one castle to the another.
    • If it has not got enough power it flies straight until it has power and falls down after that until it goes out of the screen.
  • You'll need to animate the red bar in the power meter.
  • You'll need to increase the score of the players of the letter is delivered.
  • The game ends after each player tried to send 5 letters.

You can use any kind of state management you want. Feel free to add any other ideas, it is your game. :)


You can find the skeleton application here:

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