Do you remember when you were a kid and got a huge package of candies with different kinds of colors? Sometimes I started to sort them by their color and I always eat from the biggest pile. :) It's time to freshen up these good memories in this month's challenge.

This month the challenge is focusing around Drag and Drop support, the goal is to make a simple game, which displays lots of candies on the screen and the goal of the user is to sort them by their colors into the right bowls. 


Candy sorter

The skeleton application contains the page above. It provides you with a simple game representation, which holds the candies and the available colors. 

If you are a beginner, target the followings:

  • Make the candies draggable
  • Make the bowls drag targets for the specific color
  • Update the number of candies left and sorted texts at the top

If you are a little bit more experienced with Flutter, target the followings:

  • Add a stopwatch and display the time needed to sort all the candies.
  • Make the game properties configurable. The number of candies in the game or the list of colors. Save the configuration as shared preferences.
  • Add 2 new candies each time the user drags it into the wrong bowl.

Feel free to use any kind of state management solution or your own design.

This month, the winner will get a Flutter T-shirt.

Have fun and don't eat too many candies. :)

You can find the skeleton app at

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