We are a team of passionate Flutter developers

We wanted a place where the community can unleash their creativity.
We created exactly that.


Flutter Challenge is a place where you can grow your skills as a developer by building complete apps. We feel that the best way to learn something new is by getting your hands dirty and making something real. Here you can learn by building a Challenge app, show it off and engage in some friendly competition while you are at it!

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How does it work?

We will periodically issue a Challenge with a particular theme. A Challenge contains a set of core feature requirements that must be implemented for it to be considered complete.

The requirements are designed to be something that someone with basic Flutter knowledge could do in a weekend, or less. We will also provide optional features that can be implemented for a more advanced Challenge, which would likely take more time.

When you are done, you submit your completed Challenge app and await the results.





There are different kinds of challenges: Monthly Challenges and Mini-Challenges. For the Monthly Challenge, the submission form is opened on the first of the month and closed on the 21st. Voting closes at the end of the month, and winners announced at the beginning of the following month.

For Mini-Challenges, the submission form will be open for a few days from the date of issue, depending on the challenge. Voting for the Mini-Challenge submissions can continue for 1-2 days after submissions have closed, at which point winners will be announced. 

Submissions are made by providing a GitHub link to the repo where you have created your app, as well as some other basic info about your submission.

Any submitted Challenge app may be up-voted by starring the GitHub repo. The apps with the most votes/stars at the end of the evaluation period will be considered winners, receive special badges and be featured for a time.

Votes are counted by stars on the GitHub repo for the challenge. The repo must have been created after the time that the Challenge was issued. All stars/votes accrued during the month and evaluation period are considered valid.